In Muharram, I take time off work and travel to as many lectures and gatherings as possible. It’s a time of great sadness and after learning in great details what happened to Prophets Family and grandchildren on the day of Ashura even a reverted western that I am, still feels the great sadness and depression over these great personalities who sacrificed so much for the religion and for all humanity. Although it is a sad time, I do enjoy travelling to experience the closeness the community has in coming together to remember the great personalities of Karbala and to try to soak up their personality and teachings threw their sacrifices and life stories. My opinion regarding Azadari/morning during Muharram is something I didn’t know much about before I came to Islam especially Shia Islam but once learning about the lives of the Imams and Ahlulbayt and the suffering they went through it was easy for me to understand why the community mourns in such a way. I have been gently and thoroughly educated about Islam and Shia beliefs by a truly religious & practicing Lebanese family and they have shown me all the truths about the history and beliefs and cultural acts of Muslims and I have come to the conclusion that crying for the Ahlulbayt and even beating your chest in memory of these great personalities is an act which truly allows us to remember them and become 1 with there message and beat the legacy of these great personalities into our hearts and help raise us to there level of self sacrifice and honour that they had. Attempting to memorize and embrace these great personality and there suffering for peace freedom and truth should always be remember and emphasized apon

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پیام های سیستم

پیام های سیستم

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پیام های سیستم

پیام های سیستم

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