My name is Yasar Ebrahim. I was born on the 17th of April 1985 in London, England. I spent the first 16 years of my life in South Africa. While in South Africa, because of lack of choice, I attended a Hanafi madressa. This was not completely without benefit, as at this madressa, which I attened till the age of 12-13, I learnt how to recite the Holy Quran, basic Ahkam, Islamic history and Beliefs.

After completing my high school education, I left for the U.K. in order to pursue further education. I did my A-levels at Hayes Sixth Form School, which was located in Kent. After completing my A-Levels, I moved to Gloucestershire and studied at the University of Gloucestershire, gaining a degree in Sports, Health and Exercise Science. After finishing my university studies, I returned to South Africa and worked as a PE teacher for a year at a school called Al-Ghazali. During this time I had applied to come and study at the Islamic Seminary in Qum. My visa eventually arrived and I came to Qum in April 2009 and am still currently here pursuing Islamic Education and trying to become a better Muslim.

I was introduced to Shiasm when I went to England to study, as my mother and her family are all shia, whereas my father’s family is all Sunni, making my father currently a Sushi or Shinni. After been introduced to Shiasm I embarked on a journey of self-study and research, reading books such as ‘Then I was guided,’ by Tijani Samawi and ‘Al-Murajarat or the Right Path’ by Allameh Shahrafudeen. Another factor which immenserly affected me was the majalis for Imam Hussain (as) during the month of Muharram, which coming from a Sunni background, was never exposed too. I asked myself that why did my teachers not tell me about this tragic incident while I was in madressa? Also, the hadiths in Sahih Muslim about the Prophet (sawa) choosing Imam Ali (as) as his rightful successor assisted me in making my decision.

During my 2 years in South Africa after my university studies, I was very involved in Islamic activities. Inviting speakers for Muharram and other Islamic occasions and organising these programmes and co-ordinating with the other followers of the Ahlul Bayt in the community were some of the activities that I was in-charge of.

I hope and ask Allah (swt) to give me the opportunity to serve his religion and to hasten the appearance of the final guide and light in this dark and fleeting world, the son of His last prophet and greatest creation, Muhammad al-Musthapha (sawa), Imam of the age, Imam al-Mehdi (as).

Requesting Prayers

Your Brother in Islam

Yasar Ebrahim

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پیام های سیستم

پیام های سیستم

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